Ibiza Explorer: Chapter 3. - Markets

Ibiza city center is home of a lot of designer shops, and other handmade product selling stores, but most of them are pretty expensive. If you don't want to spend a fortune during your holiday these are our suggestions for you:

  • There is a market in Las Dalias every Saturday, which offers a lot of great handmade products but with much cheaper price tags. A great number of beautiful jewelry, accessories, shoes and bags are bought here every week.
  • Punta Arabí a.k.a the "hippy market" is open every Wednesday and has a similar product offering as Las Dalias.

Both of these markets has a great vibe, so even if you don't want to go on a shopping spree, you should visit them and drink a cup of coffee at least.

  • There is one more famous market on the island in San Jordi, which is open every Saturday. A lot of used stuff, but it can be a gold mine if you take your time and search for these valuables.

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