Ibiza Explorer: Chapter 1.

The capital is on the south east side of the island, called "Ibiza" (Local: Eivissa), it has a population of 32.000. In opposite of a lot of other islands, in Ibiza the main places of interests are in the capital itself. The amazing architecture, and it's position makes Ibiza one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean Sea. The boats start from the beautiful pier to the other islands of the "Balearic", Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca.

The city can be split into two main parts. The "lower-town" which consists the "La Marina" and the "Sa Pena". The "upper-town" is called "Dalt Villa". The heart of the city is Passeig Vara del Rey, which got it's name from the hero of the war for the cubain indepencence. The piers two main sights are the "dry well", which is decorated by 5 forged lamps, and the "obelisk of the pirates".

The "Sa Pena" part of the city is contradictory: scenic, but poor. White walls, narrow, squared streets... There are still a lot of fishermen living here with their families. The clothes drying on the ropes, the kids playing on the cobblestone streets, the self-forgetting sunbathing cats make the whole atmosphere like a true seaside, not to mention the smell of the fish and the smell of the dishes being prepated...


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