Going to Ibiza?! Go MAD!

Paris has the Eiffel tower.
London has Big Ben.
Amsterdam has it's coffee shops...
and Ibiza has BOAT PARTIES!

If you’re coming to our wonderful island then top of your list of things to do, will surely be one of the crazy boat parties that Ibiza is famous for. It’s an experience certainly not to be missed and never to be forgotten. Now your only problem is which one?? Enter MAD IBIZA. All the wavy party information you need in one place and more deals then you can shake a glow stick at! You’re welcome :).

Some of the things you can expect from our partnered party boat providers:
- Sun, Sea and Open Bars
- Swim Stops and Water Sports
- The Hottest Balearic Djs
- Equal mix of hot boys and sexy girls to keep the vibe wavy
- Exclusive free Guest List and VIP Club Access
- Beach BBQ’s and/or snacks and fruit to keep you partying hard on the seas

Book your ticket now!

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