Daytime Ibiza Boat Party For Fun in the Sun

You can have just as much fun in the daytime as you can at night in Ibiza. Head to the Bora Bora Beach Club for your tickets at noon to boards the party boat at 13:00. You will have four hours of fun in the sun aboard a comfortable and luxurious catamaran filled with the most amazing partygoers anywhere.

There is one thing that is for sure. You will not want the four hours to end. This party boat experience is chock-full of the best food, drinks, activities, music, and shows that your hosts can imagine.

People can snack on delicious cold salads, hot paella, and a wide selection of juicy tropical fruits. Augment your repast with fruit juices, soft drinks, beer, fresh sangria, expertly made cocktails, and tall mixed drinks at the open bar.

Get ready to dance with two DJs playing the latest party songs. We make sure there's a good mix of guys and girls in the 400 guests on the Ibiza party boat so everyone can find a dance partner. If rocking out to some tunes is not your thing, try a Jet Ski or go snorkeling in the warm Mediterranean waters.

The party atmosphere on this daytime Ibiza adventure doesn't and when the boat gets back to shore. Ticket holders can get free access to the Bora Bora Beach Club on Thursdays and Saturdays for a wild pool party. VIP options are available including premium bottle service, a designated waitress, and a semi-private cabana bed saved just for you.

One ticket on the Daytime Ibiza Sea Party Boat gets you access to everything you need for four hours of wild Ibiza fun in the sun.

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