3 Tips For Ibiza Daytime

Es Vedra

One of the most exciting part of Ibiza. The completely uninhabited Es Vedra has numerous mysteries, mainly around the Phoenician Godess named Es Vedra to Tanit. According to the mystery, the sirens tried to lure out Odysseus from his boat. Es Vedra is so mysterious, people think only the North Pole and the Bermuda-triangle can compete with it.


At the northest part of the island, there is Portinatx's resort, with 3 amazing beaches. The biggest one is called S'Arenal Gros, the other two are more like a "private" beach, less crowded, called "S'Arenal Petit, and Playa Porto". All of these beaches are watched over by lifeguards. The place is perfect for diving, because the water is crystal clear. Also all of the hotels/apartments are located only a short walk from the beaches.

Es Canar

Es Canar is located on the east side of the island. It's most famous attraction is the "Hippy Market", but there are  a lot more to see, and things to do. Es Canar is made of pinewoods and sandy shores, so it's a great contrast to see. You will get a chance to try windsurfing and parasailing, and you shouldn't miss out the "Hippy Market" which takes place every Wednesday.

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